What is Nonprofit Ops?


563563563Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Great question! There’s a lot of things to do when running a nonprofit: tracking financials, communicating with team members, the public, donors, and sponsors, scheduling meetings, files storage, filing regulatory documents, fundraising, planning events, updating a website and social media, writing emails, organizing volunteers, and just keeping track of everything you need to do!

All those things are the “Operations” of running an organization. They’re the unglamorous, back-office, routine items that provide the backbone to fulfilling the nonprofit’s mission and but can also drain enormous amounts of resources. Unless a nonprofit has effective systems and tools in place to handle the operations, time and money will be wasted and the nonprofit will fail to grow and thrive.

I’ve spent my nonprofit career in the Operations area. I’m not a fundraising expert, a bookkeeper, or a web designer but I am someone who can talk with you about what you’re currently using for all these tasks, what your budget and skill level is, and what your future growth looks like and work with you to recommend and implement tools and systems that will increase productivity and save time and money so you can spend more time implementing the mission.

What is holding you back from growing your nonprofit? Let’s Talk!

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