The Day I Pulled Apart My Business Planner

Being an entrepreneur is challenging. You have to learn marketing, finance, graphic design, website design and how to manage people. You have to be a great networker, delegate, have focus, vision, lots of determination and lots and lots of coffee. If you’ want to succeed, there’s a lot to learn and an overwhelming number of resources from which to do it.

As a natural student, that’s what I did. I checked out all the books, read blogs and websites, attended trainings and webinars, and immersed myself in learning how to be the best entrepreneur I could be. My extensive notes included inspirational quotes from successful people, lists of “What Successful People Do”, and pages and pages of items designed to make me retire to a luxury island at an early age.

Honestly, it was a little overwhelming. How could I possibly absorb all that information while still raising children, seeing friends, and working on the business? I was frustrated and nearly paralyzed from the pressure of having to know it all.

Do More. Be Better. No Excuses.

Those three words changed my life.

I was browsing a magazine rack and the cover with those words jumped out at me. I stopped, struck by the power of those simple phrases. I went home and immediately tore apart my business planning book. I took out every single page with inspirational quotes and lists. Gone were the pages and pages of completely valid business wisdom and everything that remained were the actual tasks to move the business forward.

Do More. Be Better. No Excuses.

I’ve since learned the quote is from Tilman Fertitto and I’m grateful to him. Using that phrase allows me to focus on just doing the tasks that move the business forward and to do everything I can for my clients. I am passionate about helping my clients succeed and I want them to Do More and Be Better.

For me personally, I don’t have to worry about being successful I just have to Do More. Be Better. No Excuses.

Until next time…