My #1 Productivity Tool

Throw a rock in any bookstore or library and you’ll probably hit a book about productivity. Google “productivity” or “time management” and you’ll get further into a rabbit hole than Alice. I LOVE this stuff so I’ve read dozens of books and subscribe to blogs and newsletters on this topic and the opinions and tools are as diverse as the authors.

I’ve tried a lot of the software, tools, and systems and while I use several, there’s one that has completely upped my productivity game: Time Blocking. This is where you block off sections of your calendar to work on various aspects of your business. For example, you add an event to your calendar from 9-10 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday for “LinkedIn”. During this time, you ONLY work on the LinkedIn tasks you’ve prioritized such as posting articles on your profile or groups, making new connections, writing recommendations, etc.

I have time blocked off for client work, my Facebook Group, contributing to other Facebook groups, coaching calls, networking events, team meetings, LinkedIn, personal tasks, general work tasks, etc. There’s time built in for breaks and lunch and the daily crossword but each day is pretty well scheduled. That may sound constricting but it’s the opposite – it’s freeing because you don’t have to think about the task until you get to that section.

Try setting it up for a week and absolutely sticking to the schedule. Don’t cheat. Set calendar reminders for 10 minutes before the next block and when the calendar gets there, stop whatever you’re doing and move to the next block. If you’ve left something unfinished, it will be a good lesson in time management and if necessary you can pick it up in the “Flex Time” block that you’ve wisely setup near the end of the day.

Productivity awaits!


p.s. Don’t throw rocks indoors.